Is your business ISO 9001 certified?

Do you know there is a new emphasis on risk-based decision making?

Do you know quality management and continual improvement are essential elements of this international standard?

Do you know operational planning, implementation and controls are required?

Did you know control of externally provided processes, product and services is required?

Do you know audit and verification is a requirement?

Do you know nonconformity and corrective action are core elements?

Do you know further risk consideration is required for nonconformance events?

Did you know that ISO 31000 is the only identified risk standard included in ISO 9001?

What does all this mean?

Your business travel bookings are inclusive in your operations and management systems.

All nonconformance specific to business travel booking policy and a procedure is to be documented and corrected.

Consistent, uncorrected travel booking nonconformance is a breach of ISO 9001 certification.

Rogue travel bookings, whereby individuals choose how and why they choose providers and travel options is a nonconformance.

Travel providers, online and offline, are inclusive of your quality management compliance and management requirements.

The risk of nonconformance travel bookings, individuals actions and their use of providers are all required to be documented, analysed and risk management strategies implemented.

Your risk management must, at least, comply with ISO 31000.

There are 6 specific steps required.

All are required, in full.

Not just a couple or select steps.

Nonconformance with this international standard is also required to be reported, documented and corrected.

Stop and think about all this for a moment.

Your business travel bookings place your people, your business, your reputation and your certification at risk if not consistently applied and implemented in accordance with authorised policy and procedure.

Has this been audited?

How do you know if you are or are not compliant?

If you pay and approve travel expense reports that include clear nonconformance purchases and actions, you have condoned and are now implicit in this deceit and risky activity.

Stop to consider this the next time a travel manager openly states this common and known quality management nonconformance at a travel management conference.

Goodbye ISO 9001 certification.

Goodbye quality management and continuous improvement claims within your company.

Hello, nonconformance and risk-taking behaviours.

Hello, legal and regulatory repercussions.

Hello, staff confidence decline.

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Safe by choice, not by chance.

Safe, according to international standards, not private opinion and unverified advice.

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Travel Safety Expert

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