If your business is to demonstrate adequate safety management,

As specified by the law and international standards,

You must secondly demonstrate evidence of business relevance.

Relevance to how your business operates, including mobility and travel.

Relevance in how safety is applied and managed whilst your people travel.

Relevance to the types and locations your people work from, including how they travel between locations.

Relevance to the hazards, threats and risks incurred by your people whilst mobile or travelling for business.

To test this within your business, select one traveller and one trip.

Now demonstrate all the above, as it applies to that specific traveller and that specific journey.

Now apply it to 10 travellers and 10 business trips.

Are all the required safety and risk management steps, prescribed by law and standards, demonstrable and evident to each and every traveller and journey?

If not, you don’t have adequate evidence to demonstrate travel safety management, in addition to having insufficient business relevance for your safety systems.

The learn more about business travel safety management and your obligations,

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Next, in this series on travel safety management, we examine resources, step 3 of 6 required for holistic business travel safety and risk management.

Safety through evidence, not assumptions.

Travel Safety Expert
Travel Safety Expert

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