Well, it’s not competency based.

You don’t go to special classes to be a female lawyer, forklift driver or doctor.

It’s not risk and evidence-based either if applied to all women and all locations generically.

Do you conduct “travel security” training based on political beliefs?





Special needs or disability?

All BEFORE conformance and competency-based workplace education and training?

Imagine if you arrived at a work site and were told you must undergo a special safety induction,

Because you “look stupid”.

Outrageous right!

Gender, behaviour, religion, ethnicity and other context travel safety inductions and preparations are conducted as subsets or location specific travel safety education.

Not the main focus.

Victims are often targeted for vulnerability, physicality, the likelihood of success, perceived wealth, sexual assault and other select, identifiable reasons.

All sexes and genders are targeted and vulnerable to targeting, at specific times, location and under specific circumstances.

Not everywhere, anywhere and at all times. 

Accidents and disasters are not gender specific.


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Travel Safety Expert

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