7 Airlines, one aircraft…one flight!

We have all heard that the skies are getting busier.

We can all see that air travel is becoming more and more affordable and volume is increasing.

How tainted are those stats if 7 airlines are using one aircraft for the same flight?

How transparent are code-share flights to consumers?

Did all the passengers pay exactly the same price for the same class of seat?

Are consumers encouraged not to book with airlines but shop around for “smartest” flight and price, given they may end up on exactly the same aircraft as all the apparent “competition”?

Is this the end of brand loyalty?

Have airlines created their own problems, with savvy consumers knowing they can get the same “brand” experience, aircraft, crew and amenities….but with another airline sharing the same aircraft via codeshare arrangements?

How do business travel buyers feel?

They think they are buying a business travel choice, based on their purchasing criteria.

Only to find the airlines haven’t provided them with the whole truth!

Travel Safety Expert
Travel Safety Expert

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