The term “travel security” is widely misinterpreted in today’s marketplace.

It is an incorrect term developed and used by companies to promote and sell a product or service,

that claims to manage the risk associated with business travel.

It doesn’t.

There are NO compliance or conformance demands upon providers or buyers of travel security.

It is totally discretionary and voluntary spending,

NOT compliance.

It is unregulated and open to personal interpretation,

and a legacy term used to describe a provider’s product or service,

from the creators and consumers of the term “travel security”, 

that remains to date.

The recent addition of buzzwords such as “duty of care” in conjunction to travel security,

is a further attempt by travel security providers to compel buyers on the basis of compliance or conformance,

to mandated standards and obligations, which they clearly don’t understand.

There is NO universal, global standard for travel security.

And there never will be.

There ARE, however, universal, international standards for the management of quality, safety and risk,

that apply to business mobility and travel.

These international standards, are usually already implemented in most companies to manage Quality, Safety and Risk at an enterprise level,

but typically exclude travel.

For reasons, we can’t explain.

The achievement of “duty of care” is the result of this internationally accepted, and systemized approach, to the management of quality, safety and risk.

Travel security products and services fail even the basic criteria of these universal, international standards for the management of quality, safety and risk.

There are NO silver bullets or magic products and services.

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Travel Safety Expert

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