Ever boarded a flight and discovered that there is more than one airline “on board”?

Codeshare is where one aircraft, on one single flight, may be “claimed” by more than one airline.

On some routes, there may be far more than one or two airlines and their passengers on the same flight.

Recently, we experienced a single aircraft and flight, claimed by as many as 7 distinctly separate airlines.

This means that whilst only one actual airline provided the aircraft, crew and all related services,

All the other airlines claim it as a “flight” or service.

Therefore, any airline safety rating system that fails to declare or exclude any and all codeshare flights,

Is fake.

It isn’t excluding flights, whilst sold and promoted by a specific airline, that isn’t actually operated or serviced by their actual airlines.

This taints any and all “facts and figures” claimed by any such airline safety rating system.

Not to mention being confusing and deceptive to air travellers,

Who think they are booking and flying with a specific airline,

Only to discover (or remain unaware) that the flight is in fact provided by someone else.

Safety and risk management standards require context and accuracy in data.

Any airline “safety” rating that includes codeshare flights and data is fake,

As it is not either safety or risk-based at all.

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Safe travels.

Travel Safety Expert
Travel Safety Expert

Travel health, safety, security and risk management professional.