Travel videos are fast, effective and a great way to share information and knowledge. Online videos, especially YouTube, account for nearly everyone’s source of entertainment, education and information. In 2018, 4.3 million videos were watched on YouTube every minute! Incredible isn’t it? Travel safety tips, advice and even hacks are no different! Our team at have started narrowcasting (select information on select topics….travel safety. Not like broadcasting, which is just blasted out for everyone) public and private videos to help, advise and educate travellers of all kinds, in multiple languages.

With hundreds of videos already created and hundreds of thousands of views already (bet you didn’t know that little secret!) Keep an eye out for our new online videos. We also do custom videos for clients and companies. You may see them from time to time also. 

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Travel Safety Expert
Travel Safety Expert

Travel health, safety, security and risk management professional.