Crime #2 – Melbourne, Australia Travel Safety Tips.

Car thefts and break-ins are widespread within Melbourne.

Car theft has risen dramatically in Melbourne in the past 5 years.

Criminal court appearances have risen 170% during this period.

Melbourne has become the car-theft capital of Australia.

Nearly one-third of Australia’s total car theft incidents occur in Melbourne.

More than 15,000 vehicles were stolen in and around Melbourne in 2017.

More than 40 car theft events occur each day in and around Melbourne, Australia.

Offenders are more often seeking cash, phones and other valuables during car break-ins.

Over 400 vehicles were stolen from commercial car yards and dealers in and around Melbourne, Australia.

This still remains a very small portion of the overall car theft in Melbourne.

Top car theft locations for Melbourne, from most frequent to least frequent are: private streets, private homes, driveways, single level car parks, front yards, garages and apartment blocks.

Individuals and syndicated groups are typically targeting specific vehicle make and models for resale, spare parts and transport to other parts of Australia.

2,006 motorcycles were stolen in Melbourne in 2017, an 11% reduction on 2016.

Midnight to 6 am all week and from 7 pm to Midnight on Friday and Saturday nights are the most likely times for vehicle theft.

Police, owners and commercial car sales companies have improved security and been proactive in light of these stats.

Whilst it is foreseeable that numbers will decline, specific targeting and car theft opportunities will still remain a threat for now.

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Crime #2 melbourne Australia travel safety tips

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