We are all different.

We may vary according to gender.

We have vastly different backgrounds.

We don’t share the exact same education.

We all have very different experiences, that makes us unique.

We may differ in our beliefs.

We all differ in age.

We are certainly not all born at the same location.

We speak different languages.

We all view the world uniquely based on these and many more variations.

There is nothing “common” about us all, When we travel, our environment changes, yet again.

This changes us and exposes us to new and different influences and experiences.

We are not all the same.

So when it comes to the management of safety, you MUST consider all these factors.

So when it comes to the management of risk, you MUST consider all these factors.

You can’t have a vending machine, that offers exactly the same item for all customers.

Despite all these variations.

You CAN NOT generalise us all with generic “low, medium or high” levels or ratings.

Any product or service that considers all people, individuals or travellers as the “same”,

is NOT a safety or risk management product or service.

It is probably just a newspaper.

And you can get them ANYWHERE, for free.

Google or other search engines do the same.

So, if you have a question like “is it safe?”, you need to include all these factors.

You are unique.

You are not the same.

You MUST have a personal and unique review.

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We consider what you DO as unique and individual.

We consider your specific TRIP as unique and individual.

We consider your specific DESTINATION as unique and individual.

We definitely don’t think every human, trip and location in an entire country is exactly the SAME!

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Safe travels by choice

Not chance

Travel Safety Expert
Travel Safety Expert

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