The idea of displaying varied locations on a map was a struggle…

Until Google Maps came along and solved it.

The idea of connecting individuals through a single medium was a struggle…

Until smartphones became commonplace.

The idea of sharing individual locations, in real time seemed impossible…

Until social media and the explosion of location sharing apps solved it.

Companies that still pay significant annual subscriptions to “travel tracking” services are wasting money.

Companies that think “travel tracking” demonstrates adequate travel safety management are wrong.

It doesn’t.

Companies that think “travel tracking” demonstrates the wrongly termed and misunderstood “duty of care” are wrong.

It doesn’t.

Companies that think it is costly, difficult and technically challenging to create and manage their own travel monitoring system are wrong.

It’s dead easy.

Companies that pay service providers for costly, outdated, obsolete, non-integrated and stand-alone “travel tracking” services are wasting money, unnecessarily.

If a person, friend or family member can pick up a brand new device and within a matter of minutes connect and share their location with select contacts, companies can too.

If a person can opt in, opt out or control what information and location are shared and when so too can companies.

Travel tracking is dead.

Long live the new sharing economy: flexible, cost-effective and personal options.

You are now spoilt by choice.

Stop getting ripped off and wasting money.

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Safe travels.

Travel Tracking is deal

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Travel Safety Expert

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