There are 4 terminals at Melbourne airport, roughly in the shape of the letter U.

Terminal 1 is located furthest North and services all Qantas domestic flights.

Terminal 2 is located in the middle of Melbourne airport and services all international flights.

Terminal 3 is located south of the international terminal and services Virgin airlines and some Rex flights.

Terminal 4 is the newest Melbourne airport terminal and is furtherest south, servicing Tiger, Jetstar, AirNorth and some Rex airlines flights.

1 minute pick up zones are located in front of Terminal 2, the international terminal.

Uber pickup areas are located in front of Terminal 2 and 4.

1-minute drop off parking is available in front of all terminals.

Qantas airlines and Mercedes offer privilege business and membership parking and valet services.

Helicopter shuttle services to/from the airport are available.

Regional Victoria shuttle busses pick up/drop off in front of Terminal 2.

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